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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trailer Park

Trailer Park will be a bit I will be doing on movie trailers. And since we just got past the super bowl I think we should have some Awesome trailers to look at. Since I'm a huge JJ Abrams fan I think I'll go ahead and talk about Super 8. Up until the super bowl we had no decent trailers for this film, but with a little prying from Steven Spielberg, Abrams released an awesome trailer along with, after even more pushing from Spielberg, a synopsis of the film. Apparently its supposed to be along the lines of X-Files meets Stand By Me with a dash of Goonies for good measure. The plot apparently centers around some middle school boys who are attempting to make a zombie movie on there simple little Super 8 camera. One night when they are shooting they observe a derailed train...with something in side. So basically its a coming of age meets survival horror, with a little found footage for good measure.

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