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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More of a videogame post

With this bizarre pixel art binge I've been going on I decided that I would talk about one of my favorite retro video games. Probably one no one has heard of either. A long time ago...the 90' dad downloaded a demo for his computer called Abuse. One of the most finely crafted sidescrollers in the history of sidescrollers. This was also one of the first ever games to utilize the mouse key board set up. Using the key board to move your character and mouse to aim your weapon. This game was tweaked to virtual perfection, amazing graphics, solid game play and perfect control. Although where the game really shined was in it's atmosphere. An overly oppressive prison painted in grays and browns, with huge windows in the background giving you a vista of the dead city outside. It was incredible The animation for the characters was amazing as well. I would be hard pressed to find a better action sidescroller in the entirety of videogames. If you haven't played it grab a copy of DOSbox, download the original files and get playing it's worth it.

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