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Monday, February 7, 2011

Retro Gears

This is one of the many types of video game posts that I will be doing. Retro Gears will simply be me talking about various old video games that I have played through and am playing through. Currently I have decided to play through Ninja Gaiden on the NES...probably not the best choice. Unless your a gamer like me who absolutely thrives on controller breaking difficulty. I love the trial an error involved with the playing of this game, and finally getting that incredible feeling of accomplishment once you memorize the pattern and get the flow of the various parts of the level. I even managed to memorize the enemy patterns so well that I was able to get through one entire level without getting hurt. As far as old retro style games go this one is a must for anyone who thinks games now days are too easy. It is also worth mentioning how important this game was for the progression of story telling in video games. This was actually one of the first ever games to use cut scenes and managed to tell a surprisingly engaging story. Still try it out its a blast. Try not to break anything though.

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