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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Quiet: A short story

It was quiet and white stretched out in every direction. The sky was slightly graying like a giant blanket covering white plains. Off in the distance could be scene small groupings of dead lifeless trees. Across the the plain a man was running for his life in knee deep snow, clad in thick mute colored clothes. In his right hand was a Glock 19 which he was clinging onto for dear life. He had only one round left. The mans panting was the only thing that could be heard over the winter quiet. His joints ached and strained as his body protested, and screamed at him telling him to stop, but he couldn't stop. Several meters in front of the man was a small island of trees and he knew that if he could simply make it to those trees he would be fine. He continued to tell his body to move forward. Just a few more feet and the man could find safety. The man forced himself through the treeline and found a small outcropping of roots which he could hide under. The man paused to catch his breath panting over the silence. The open silence, not like the oppressive silence you get when locked in a pitch black room. The silence of openness, a completely isolated silence, a cold silence. A silence you can only suffer in winter. The man peaked over the top of the the outcropping. Starkly painted against the backdrop of the white snow was a man clad all in black. The icy cold tendrils of fear gripped him. He looked down at the Glock. He lifted the gun to his head, and squeezed his eyes shut. Holding his breath. He sat for what he thought were hours. He could now here the man in blacks ominous footsteps. He lowered the gun from his head and let go of the breath that he had been holding. He stood up and faced the man, the man in black towering over him because he was standing on the out cropping. The man pointed his pistol at the man in black. The man in black pointed a polished revolver at the man. The man began to squeeze the trigger. Misfire. The man in black pulled the trigger. a shot rang out against the stark silence.

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