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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Rendition Agency Pt. 1: A series of short stories

The rain was coming down hard as Graham ran across the rooftop. All around large monolithic buildings could be seen boxing in the minuscule structure across which he ran. Pipes, tubes, brick, chain link fences, and boarded up windows all created a bizarre sense of contrast to the electric light show that was the city. Holograms and neon. Graham vaulted, slid, and jumped his way across the rooftop. His gray suit now wet with rain weighing him down. The suspect he had been tailing made a break for it when he saw Graham. How he could have known he was IIA* Graham couldn't fathom. Now dead ahead of him the suspect was running all out, this is not how I planned on spending my night, was all Graham could think. The edge of the roof was getting nearer. Soon the suspect would have no place to go. As he reached the edge of the building the suspect didn't stop, however, and jumped straight toward the old brick building across the gap. The suspect disappeared beneath the edge of the building. Suddenly there was the sound of shattering class and splintering wood. Great was all Graham could think to himself. As the edge of the building got closer he readied himself for the jump. Suddenly Graham was making his way through the air toward a broken window. It was as though it was happening in slow motion. As his feet struck the ground Graham did a roll out to make sure his ankles didn't break. The inside of the building it was large and open with high ceilings which were painted an ugly pastel green color. The plaster on the walls had decayed to reveal rotting studs. The floor was soaking wet from all the rain that had been pouring in over the last several days. Graham pulled out his pistol, a CRP-Whisper**, the standard pistol for every IIA officer. His canvas high tops had been soaked through making his feet ache. Graham went over and searched the enormous fireplace, being extra cautious if the suspect were to jump out at him. It was incredibly dark within the building the only light coming from the city which lay just outside. Graham made his way to the hallway and caught the suspect just at the end of it. Graham could tell he was limping, he had landed wrong on the jump. Graham made a break for it. "Stop!" Graham shouted. Of course after the fact he realized the futility of saying it. He ran down the hallway and slammed into the wall of the intersecting corridor. The suspect hadn't gotten that far down the hall. Graham took aim at the suspects leg and shot. No more than a little "pfit" sound was made as the guns slider kicked back. The suspect tumbled face first into the water drenched floor. Graham walked up to the suspect and helped him turn to face upwards. Graham shoved his badge into the suspects face. "Edward Murdoch, you are under arrest for the practice of homosexuality and theism without a proper license"
* IIA-International Investigative Agency
** CRP-Whisper-The Chkovski Arms Company specializes in the development of firearms that utilize rail technology (using magnets to repel the projectile forward). A bullet that is repelled forward by a magnet goes equally as fast as a standard bullet, but no gun powder is needed and the gun is deadly quiet hence the title "Whisper". The CRP stands for Chkovski Rail Pistol.

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