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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More batman stuff

We have an official title for the next batman movie. The Dark Knight Rises, we also have confirmation that the villain WILL NOT be the Riddler. I know I'm as sad as the next guy, but this means more speculating and rumors, and everybody loves those. So who do you think the villain will be? My bet is on Hush.


  1. Hush would be pretty awesome! There are rumors that Nolan was holding auditions for women around 30 years does that mean Catwoman? Catwoman would be an intriguing character for Batman right now since shes used to running from the police and Batman is just now having to adapt to that. But I suppose it could also be Poison Ivy or maybe even Harley Quinn, however HQ kinda needs the Joker.

  2. I didn't even think about Poison Ivy that is a very good possibility. I'm also thinking that there's a sliver of a chance for Deadshot.

  3. I would be so happy if it's Poison Ivy. I wanted to be her or Catwomen when i was kid and was watching the Batman t.v. series.