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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My top 20 films of all time...What are yours?

Just thought I'd start doing a top ten list for all sorts of stuff, so here's MY favorite movies of all time.

1) No Country for Old Men
2) Collateral
3) Memento
4) Inception
5) Blade Runner
6) Ghost in the Shell
7) District 9
8) To Kill a Mocking Bird
9) Social Network
10) Bourne Ultimatum
11) Manchurian Candidate
12) Watchmen
13) Fight Club
14) Book of Eli
15) Good Night, and Good Luck
16) Fargo
17) UP
18) North By Northwest
19) The Departed
20) Kick-Ass

By the way any of you interested in the movie Sucker Punch can finally check out the official synopsis. Just search for it and you'll find it.

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