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Monday, October 25, 2010

Encyclopedia Grey BMA BLA

For any of you who read the first strip of grey you know there were some terms in it that really made no sense so in encyclopedia grey I will attempt to explain those terms to you.

The concept behind BLAs and BMAs was born out of a program to help streamline the behavior of those with severe autism. The idea was to neurologically alter the autistic and then put him under a strict training regiment, in hopes that he might successfully integrate into society and live a semi-normal life. As the program grew those in charge realized that they should be branching out. They began to experiment on soldiers altering them both physically and neurologically. They created a nearly perfect soldier. One that blindly followed orders and had the physical stamina to operate for days without sleep. Those at the top began to realize that what they had done was essentially create a "robot" out of flesh. All work on creating a computer with human AI stopped. They realized it was far easier to make a human more robotic than it was to make a robot more human. Thus the term BLA was adopted, it stands for Biological Automaton or "Bioton" for short. As the company continued on with the project they began to experiment with integrating mechanical alterations as well. Thus the term BMA or Biomechanical Automaton. Eventually the government could no longer ignore what the company was doing. They were quickly bought up and within twenty years the "New Adoption Program" was created. If parents did not want their children they no longer had just two options (adoption or abortion) they could now give the child to the government to be brought up as a BMA or BLA. The parents have no say in what their child is. This allowed for for not only a free work force, but also for many laws to be completely rewritten. You see, when a human is altered to the degree that a BMA or BLA is it is no longer considered human. This meant a completely new set of laws were necessary to protect the rights of a BLA or BMA. Slowly but surely people became acclimated to life with BMAs and BLAs. So much so that people can now own their own personal BLA. BLAs and BMAs have many purposes in society. As a servant, a worker, to grow spare organs, and many other uses. But they do have legitimate purposes. On occasion a BLA or BMA will "break" (run away, go on a killing spree, or just "malfunction" in general) this meant that a new agency had to be crated specializing in the finding and decommission of BLAs and BMAs. This is how the decommissioners agency was born.

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